Monday, October 18, 2010

Faulty Speed Cameras Suspended

According to Computerworld, faulty point-to-point speed cameras in Victoria have been suspended after a fault was detected which recorded incorrect readings on nine occasions.

Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay said the cameras would not be switched back on until they had been thoroughly tested by independent assessors.

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  1. Stephen Ford -
    More of the same... this time from Austria
    Red-faced police in Salzburg have admitted a speed camera has flashed every driver regardless of the speed they were going for several hours.

    Motorway officials announced today (Wed 29 December 2010) that a radar trap took a picture of every car going on the A10 Tauern motorway in Austria on Monday for four hours due to a technical malfunction.

    Autobahn workers were eventually ordered to switch the speed camera off and put a dark cloth over it as all technicians at the firm which produced and maintains the radar trap were on holiday.

    Police already checked the recorded material but have so far remained tight-lipped over whether they will be able to identify speeders among all motorists caught on camera in the four-hour period on Monday.
    (from Austrian Independent -